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Save Saint Leo: The Website of the St. Leo Preservation Society of Columbus, Ohio

Prayer to St. Leo the Great

Great St. Leo, we ask that you stand beside us this very day (night). Be with us as we struggle to keep your beautiful Church open and thriving. With your great wisdom, soften the hearts and minds of those who sought to do our parish harm. Great St. Leo, please continue to work through us as we seek to find a diplomatic way to bring peace between the people of St. Leo and our Diocese -- ask the Holy Spirit to give all of us guidance, wisdom and protection.

We thank you for all that you have done, and are doing, to guard the Church from all evil and for your intercession on behalf of all of us working to save our beloved St. Leo Church.

Please keep us faithful and steadfast in our Catholic practices and beliefs. Inflame us with greater love for Jesus in the Eucharist and all the Holy Sacraments. Ask Our Lord to return to the tabernacle of St. Leo Church and stay there until the end of time. Bring us close to the gentle love of Jesus' most holy mother, Mary. Bring back those who have left our Catholic Church, especially in these difficult times of understanding.

Please allow St. Leo Church to bring great honor and glory to our God. As we continue to work under your patronage, please direct that work so that we can make a true difference in our Church, in our Community and in our World. Let our work and St. Leo Church flourish to bring many hearts and souls to the Incarnation, Jesus Christ, so that someday we may all be together, with you, giving praise and glory to the Lord Our God. We ask this through the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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